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There is a clearly visible portico with a side entrance from the south lot next to Kings Highway. If you park in the school lot, you will see another side entrance. Either entrance takes you into the church.

Where do my children go?

There are three places for your children depending on their age and time you arrive. Please observe the signs that will be out to guide you or feel free to ask one of the Ushers or Greeters as you arrive. 

Arriving for Sunday School at 9:30

Nursery (Under 3 years of age) and the Catechesis Atrium (post nursery - third grade) are located on the first floor of the cathedral. Fourth and Fifth Grade Sunday School is located on the second floor, across from the Parish Hall.

At the 10:30 Service

Nursery (Under 3 years of age) and Mrs. Beth's Room (post nursery - Kindergarten) are located on the first floor of the cathedral.
Children's Cathedral (1st Grade -5th grade) - located on the first floor of the cathedral
Both groups of children return during the passing of the peace. It is also perfectly ok if your child attends church with you! We love kids at St. Mark’s!

Who can help me?

The obvious answer is anybody here is willing and excited about helping and welcoming you when you visit us at St. Mark's, but we understand that can be easier said than done when you don't know who to ask for help.  Therefore, our Fellowship Committee is always around and wearing name tags so that we can make you feel welcomed. They are also stationed in the back of the cathedral in the nave to assist in any questions you may have. In addition, our ushers are also here to assist in any way possible.


How do I follow the service?

Following along with an Episcopal service can be very easy, even if you are new to the church. Here is what you need to know: the ushers will hand you an order of service when you walk in. With this, you can follow along with the service. It also will give you hymn numbers for the Hymnal 1982 (the blue book) and page numbers for the Book of Common Prayer or BCP (red book) in order to follow along with the service, music, and readings.

 There will be standing, sitting, and kneeling during the service.  It isn't required, but it's always best to follow along with the congregation if this is your first time trying the Episcopal church. A helpful reminder is to stand to sing, sit to listen, and kneel to pray.

 For more information, please contact the church office at 318-221-3360.