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What is a Stephen Minister?

Every act of kindness and compassion done by any person for a fellow Christian is done by Christ working within him or her. – Julian of Norwich

What is a Stephen Minister?

  • A child of God who walks beside someone is hurting.
  • A church member who is carefully selected because of their caregiving gifts.
  • A person with 50 hours of training in providing distinct Christian care.
  • A caring Christian friend who listens, cares, prays, supports, and encourages.
  • A Christian friend who meets faithfully each week with their care receiver for as long as there is a need.

Dear Friends,

On October 15, 2018, our Stephen Ministry will begin training a group of 11 individuals from our congregation. Stephen Ministry training is focused upon caring and listening, a ministry of compassion and companionship. Over the next few months, our Stephen Ministry trainees will receive extensive training in the art of Christian care, practical skills for listening effectively, maintaining confidentiality, and dealing with feelings. The Stephen Ministry training covers many of the varied life crisis and events in most of our lives. Throughout the training, there is an emphasis on caring for the whole person.

Following the training, these men and women will be commissioned as Stephen Ministers to carry out ministries of caring within our congregation and community, with people experiencing such problems as hospitalization, grief, depression, loneliness, and many other life crises. Working under the guidance of the St. Mark’s clergy, the Stephen Ministers will extend the capacity of our congregation to care for one another and others.

Areas of Stephen Ministry Concern:

Loss of loved one, Hospitalization, Divorce or separation, Loneliness, Discouragement, Spiritual Crisis, Unemployment, Chronic illness, Incarceration, Aging, Birth, Adoption, miscarriage, recovery from disaster.

The individuals attending this Stephen Ministry training are also committing to two years of service as congregational and community caregivers:

Janet Barlow
Rebecca Bryant
Nanette Beach
Renee Deupree
Karol Fontaine
Dan Koruna

If you have any questions about Stephen Ministry training and caregiving, please feel free to call me at the Cathedral offices.

Blessings and Godspeed,
Alston Johnson 
Dean – St. Marks

Posted by Alston Johnson